Digital signage & connected objects - Display & Events - Retail & Commercial layout - 2015/10/28

First line of attack for digital media: the retail sector, which is modernising its communication, making it interactive and fluid for an unparalleled user experience.
There are numerous advantages in terms of economic development, ranging from a reinforced brand image to the rationalisation of communication costs for companies. A rotating offer requires considerable reactivity without putting a strain on budgets and saving valuable time for teams.
Roland DG proposes DisplayStudioa complete digital signage solution for use in shops, businesses, hotel lobbies and events spaces. It comprises a user-friendly software, a powerful digital multimedia player and an LED TV screen specifically designed for digital display.
DisplayStudio is a fantastic growth opportunity for your business, adding a further innovative service to your portfolio. Disconcertingly simple to use, you and your customer will be the major winners with this technology, which is on the way to becoming the norm in display technology.
With this software, photos, text, logos and videos are easily integrated to deliver superb presentations. You can also build playlists enabling you to change your signage messaging on demand. Professional presentations can quickly be created in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Numerous sectors have embraced this dynamic solution for their businesses:

Bars and restaurants: dynamic menu presentation with the advantage of daily updates as a function of the types of service.

affichage numérique retail

 Information centres: display data and upcoming events. Ticket sales, guidance for visitors, everything is possible.

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 Beauty and fitness centres: give details of sessions and services via a dynamic and attractive interface. Special offers are promoted to maximise their customer impact.

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 Points of sale: boost their profits by highlighting promotional events on an attractive medium with considerable reactivity potential.

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 Trade shows and fairs: are modernising their presentations via informative and promotional videos.

Roland C!Print
Companies: keep employees and visitors alike informed about company news.

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 To find out more, go to the DisplayStudio product file on C!Print Sourcing