5 reasons not to miss C!Print


C!Print takes place from 31 January to 2 February. Here are just five of the thousands of reasons to make sure you get to C!Print:

  1. Because massive new potential markets are opening up for digital printing, and they’re well within your reach
  2. Because you’re inundated with information but as we all know, it’s face-to-face contact that makes the difference
  3. Because C!Print is more than just a trade show, and offers you free access to more than 30 conferences and workshops to help you grow your business
  4. Because today meeting and maintaining an open dialogue with your peers, suppliers, and clients is essential, and C!Print gets them all in the same place over a three-day event
  5. Because C!Print is where you can discover PLUG&PLAY: a unique venue for inspiration at the very heart of the trade show: more than 200 innovative developments presented in three pop-up spaces


Because in this day and age, a single piece of information or a single contact can be what makes the difference!

Because your pass also lets you access the CTCO trade show, our partner event

Because Lyon is easy to get to and you have everything you need to know right here

Because business is recovering and now’s the time to invest

Because a digital printing revolution is underway in textiles

Because personalisation solutions are creating new business models that we have to adopt

Because in 2017, standing still means falling behind!

Because the variety of printable media has grown exponentially in recent years

C!Print is the event you can’t afford to miss: pre-register now!